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Experimental micro-architecture in Berlin

Experimental architecture

A 14m2 home built from an old grain silo and other re-used materials. A working example of mini-architecture in a public space.

Vertical living

An experimental response to the standard ways of living. Designed for a dynamic and active lifestyle.

Public space

From a harbour in Holland to a cultural centre in Berlin. The silo on the move…

Tiny House Academy

The Lemon Loft as part of the Bauhaus Archive exhibition in Berlin.

Yellow Tea House

A place to meet and enjoy a cup of tea.

Silo as a retreat

Hortus Hermitage in the middle of Hortus Haren in Groningen.

Contemporary hideout

Space created to connect with the surrounding gardens.

Denis Oudendijk & Jan K├Ârbes

Dutch duo of architects and waste material experts, specialising in upcycled installations and micro architecture from abandoned resources.
More of their creations:

The Silo Book

We are currently working on the book that will tell the story of the Silo House – from the first drawings to the practical challenges of actually building and transporting it. A story of a dream home coming to life, with all its futuristic inspirations and alternative solutions implemented and then tested by the everyday experience of family life in 13m2. From creating and testing alternative ways of living, to bursting some of the romanticised myths of tiny houses. Photos, drawings, interviews, our biggest successes and the most disappointing mistakes, crazy stories alongside some uncomfortable and embarrassing tales. A small house that became a huge adventure.

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